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पितृ दोष

According to religion rules for the happiness of paternal auspices, it is Shraddha, which means to give a hidden object. Shraddha gets satisfaction from the ancestors and they are always happy and they provide long time fame, sharp female animals and nirgata to the Shraddha. Paternal defect is considered to be an important flaw in the horoscope .Most people consider this as an adverse consequence of the evil deeds of the ancestors, while some believe that they do not bother the ancestors. If there is no two of the Sun, Moon, Rahu or Saturn in the same house, then there is a Pitru's fault in the horoscope.

Generally, the life of a person is a source of sadness. Even if he enjoys happiness in whole life, he is in a form of unhappiness in his form, then he will not be childless, job failure, loss of wealth, lack of progress, family discord etc. Can be in the form. Before understanding the Pitru's fault, we should understand what the Pitru is like.

If the Sun and Rahu are in the ninth position, then paternal blame yoga is created. According to the science, all the fruits in that condition are destroyed due to the sun or the rest. There is one such fault in the horoscope of a person, in which there is the ability to assemble all sorrow, this dosha is known as paternal defect.

Causes of Pitru Dosh::

  • There can be many reasons for paternal defects If there is more than one such incident in the family, such as if there is more than one event in the family, if the law is not properly done in the paternal path, without worshiping the ancestors in the religion work, if the religious work is not completed in the family, acting against the religion, acting as a member of the family, If it has been done, it can cause paternal convulsions in case of a fetal murder. At the ninth position, there is a Pitru's spirit. The Sun is the Pitru factor, besides the factors of progress, age, progress and religion. When a sinner destroys an ominous shadow like this, on the other hand, there is a Pitru's fault with eclipse yoga. The fate of a person who was right was late. You have to struggle to get the job according to your merits. According to Hindu scriptures, worship of Goddess Pooja is done. Because femininity is given importance over devotion. The best part of Pitru's work is considered as the crude party of surprise.

  • Pitru does not get a child of a couple suffering from Dosha If there is a frequent miscarriage, you should consider it. Some special remedies to be free from Pitru Dosha::

Pitrudosh Puja (Narayan Nagbali Pooja)::

Narayana se hace con el objetivo de satisfacer el deseo incompleto de las personas de las telarañas. Narayan y Nabboi son dos rituales diferentes. Si la víctima de Narayan puede eliminar las enfermedades, y si la serpiente, la serpiente o la serpiente mueren, se puede usar para evitar la culpa. Solo los ritos no pueden ser hechos por Narayana, tampoco pueden combinarse juntos.

Vastu: Este ritual se hace para deshacerse de la desgracia de la persona. Es necesario estar completamente consciente de cómo se realiza este ritual y quién puede hacerlo.

Note importante::

  • Narayan Nagbali Rite is required for 3 days. For those who want to be there, they must stay in Trimbakeshwar for 3 days. Or be present before 6 o'clock in the morning before the worship.

  • In the south of this ritual, we can arrange for worship items and 2 persons to eat. Please, with your white dhoti, vest, napkin, and sari, blouse for wife (whose color should not be black, green)

  • There will be 1.25 gms of gold and 8 silver nag for this ceremony.

  • Please call us by phone for 4 days before the ceremony..